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  • TIPS: Try to keep the domain name short and easy to remember.

  • RULES: Your domain name must be at least 3 characters and no more than 67 characters (including the .com, .net or .org) The only valid characters for a domain name are letters, numbers and a dash "-" (as long as it is not the first or the last character). Special characters like exclamation marks and blank spaces are not permitted. Domain names are not case sensitive, so you can mix lower and upper case letters for appearance sake.

  • This application shows domain availability at this point in time. Note that a domain that shows available now could be taken by the time the registration application goes through. This application does not allow you to register a domain name, only to find a domain name that you would want to register.

  • * One free domain name per website. Each additional domain name is only a one-time $20 fee with free yearly renewals.

  • Using REALTOR in the Domain Name: Each member of the National Association agrees, as a part of their local Association's Bylaws, to abide by the rules governing the use of the REALTOR marks. These rules apply not only in the print world, but also in the electronic media. In a domain name the National Association allows members to use the REALTOR marks with a member's name and, if the member is a broker, with the complete name of the broker's real estate firm. Below are examples of proper ways in which a member can use the REALTOR marks in a domain name.,,,